Psychology Lab
Sr. No. Particulars
1. Mixed type group test of Inteligence
2. Teaching Aptitude Test Battery
3. Passi Test of Creativity
4. Guidance needs Inventary
5. Aesthestimeter Calliper
6. Mirror Drawing Apparatus with Manual
7. Human Maze with stylus with Mannual
8. Vernier Chronoscope for Simple Choice & Discriminative
9. Mental Fatique Test
10. 16 P.F. Questionnaire Indian Adaptation
11. 16 P.F. Questionnaire I.A.
From A
From B
From C
From D
12. Test Anxity Scale
13. A Scale for Measuring attitude towards Educational Administration
14. Photographs of Eminet Psychologist
15. Alixzender pass long test
16. Social Judgements test
17. Recall & Recognition test.
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