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A Welcome Note
President - Shri Rajkumar Tirpude
Day by day the Physical Education is becoming intensively multidisciplinary by virtue of highly prioritized professionalism in India and across the world. To cater to the aried and dynamic needs of society a Physical Eduation School has to be excellent and varied in its curriculum, faculty and infrastructure. Moreover, the currculum and activites have to be in line with modern ractices in the fields of sports. It has to be designed and executed in a way that it will meet wioth the growing needs and challenges in the field of physical education and training. NTCPE with its mission to excel in all spheres of physical education and training is fully geared with its innovative curriculum and teaching methodologies to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

                     NTCPE is highly innovative with excellent faculty in making its curriculum world class and delivers it in the most effective manner. It constantly screens and scans the changes in the in the field of sports andsociety at large and ries to be proactive to meet the challenges.
General Secretary - Shri Wamanrao Kombade
As an Education Society invvolved in the proces of providing education to the depressed classes of the country, we are rivileged that ours is the only such society in Central India involved in the field of Physical Education.

We are always ecploring avenues to better the potential of the students of our insitutes. We welcome all aspirants to the course of B.P.Ed., B.P.E., M.P.Ed. wi\hich is affiliated to the RTM Nagpur University and them all success in their lives.
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